I had hoped to have Never Say Never  published by July 2013, but in April of this year I had to have major shoulder surgery and it has pushed back the release of my debut of my newest romance series.
A huge thank you to all my fans who left me Get Well e-mails. It means so much to me to know I have so great followers.

 Anne Marie

After struggling for years with a dylexia, I have finally made up my  mind to do what I love, which is writing. I hope my reader will forgive any spelling and punctuation mistakes that they find. My main goal is to write book that will touch the reader some how. Please enjoy and  I would like to thank all my fans that have helped me sell over 20,000 books so far. I love you guys.
Anne Marie
Just got done with A Wedding Melody now it's time to Edit. Fun ! NOT !
Blindsided By Love has been published and can be purchased for $1.99 @ Smashwords.com !
Saturday I finished my first book Blindsided By Love Book #1` in the "Preston's series".  Today  I started Book  A Wedding Melody #2 in the "Preston Series".  I also made my first website.